The People of 2 Wheels - Fuel the Chaos

As an introduction to our series of blog entries I want to explain why the hell we give a shit about this 2 wheel community the way we do. The boss lady and I took over this brand because we felt that it deserved a chance. We humbly took it over knowing that a rebranding was one of the hardest things to do. Fuck it lets give it a go; create a brand with nostalgia and pride of being true to yourself while being a bit of a fucking wingnut in societies eyes.

We are just basic bitches with full time jobs, life goals,  daily routines and dreams. The boss lady is a registered nurse in an emerg department busting her ass to save yours. Myself, I'm a brewer of beer. Quite the combo, we get it; but the bottom line is we all embrace the motorcycle life, the turmoil and the thrill.

The people you meet on the road are some of the most honest, helpful and loyal peeps you'll ever know: hands fucking down. I want to build this blog based around the people we meet, work with and support in this motorcycle community. Stay tuned on our social media for updates on where we are, who we are meeting up with and maybe everyone can share a few tricks of the traveling biker lifestyle we all enjoy and embrace. 


Fuck shit up on the daily

Regards, Junior

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