The People of Two Wheels - Shaun Toplass

Try to grasp the feeling of starting a new brand, making a new Instagram account, and feeling like the new kid on the block. Its overwhelming; I can tell you that. But low-and-behold a gem of a human slides into my DMs. With welcoming hellos and graceful introductions, Shaun simply became one of our first supporters. 

Shaun is a daily inspiration to everyone around him. Not a lot of people can say that they hit the reset button on life like this stud did. Instead of waiting for a second chance, he fucking took it. The guy admits he was in a rough spot in his adulthood and was faced with a choice: a road of riffraff and trouble or nut up and change. Took a bus from where he called home to a randomly selected city. “16.5 hours later I was downtown Edmonton with nothing but a backpack, work boots and a few hundred $$...” Shaun says. This is where he jumped into a professional career as a power engineer and has been busting his ass for 9 years doing that. Fucking huge success story if you ask me.

The dude is modest and insists that he is nothing special, wakes up in the morning and brushes his teeth like everyone else. I soon learned that Shaun's hustle and passion in the world is his photography, and the fucker’s good; don’t believe me, go check out his Instagram page @topyoghraphy. Starting it as a hobby, he has been self teaching and taking side courses to learn the ropes and I’ll be damned if it hasn’t paid off. I myself am damn excited to see where it takes him, especially with his dabbling into videography.

The guy is obviously bigtime in the bike world and his shots are packed full of badassery and detail. His experiences and adventures on two wheels are what keeps his mind relaxed and clear. While rocking his 2014 Street Bob, Shaun rips around locally as often as he can and still manages to squeeze in a couple long tenting bike trips including the west coast annually.

Being that he is and avid biker I felt that the team up between Fuel the Chaos and Topyography would be quite fitting. I insisted that we just had to hire him for our own photoshoot back in December. Shaun is such a professional once we were on sight. He is so damn fun to be around, incredibly patient, and super talented as a photographer. His perspectives through the lens are nothing short of amazing.

Please make sure you follow this man on his social media platforms and check out his work. The world would be friggin’ boring if it wasn’t for guys like this in this motorcycle lifestyle we are embracing.



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